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Aony Ring Type Netting       Aony Ring Type Netting Chinese Ver

Photos of Samples

Micron Illustration of Aony Nylon Ring Type Netting
Model and Technical Data of Some of the Products
Model Monofilament Air Permeation Aperture
ANH1560 0.50*0.7 14320 56.4
ANH1580 0.50*0.7 15238 61.4
ANH1660 0.68*0.8 13248 52.2
ANH1680 0.68*0.9 14022 54.6
Property and Application
Aony ring type netting is new model of high tech environmental friendly product. It has the features of acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, good flexibility, bacitracin resistance and static resistance, etc. This product is widely used in military devices, scientific research materials, biological chemical, pharmacy, paper-making and other industries.