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High Precision Sheet Metal Filter
Technical advantage:
  • The technology of etching changes the traditional way of machining the metal parts by using of lathe and pressing.
  • Etching can be used in machining full range of plane parts of metal, alloy, stainless steel, from the micro-filter screen of big area used in conventional industry to the micro-part almost invisible to human eyes.
  • It can machine the concavo-convex metal products according to the drawing like character, figure, complicated circularity, design etc.
  • Etching can also be applied in making all kinds of perforated parts of close and arbitrary form.

Use covering:

Etching is widely used in all integrated circuit lead frame and other fields, e.g. fluorescent display screen, guard net, precise filter, encoder raster, micro-electrode, mask plate, integrated circuit cover, kinsecope shade mask, SMT, tin-paste net press plate.
Quality guarantee:
Using this technology to machine the parts does not require mould and thus a prompt delivery can be assured. The process from receipt of drawing to delivery only takes about 7 to 10 days.
Technical standard
  • Minimum wire diameter to be machined:0.02mm
  • Max. batch to be machined: 500mm x 600mm
  • Thickness of material to be machined: 0.02mm to 0.5mm
  • Precision of delineation at machined: 0.01mm